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How does work? is a directory of tour operators worldwide, who offer a variety of exciting adventure tours, active holidays & city tours. All offers are described in detail and include images of the tours. In addition, useful information about the tour operators, the tour guides, prices and the route of the tour is available. operates as a travel agent. Vendors can be contacted directly via the respective contact form within a tour offer.

What are the requirements for joining

You should already have experience in guiding tours and be able to verify this! We will check your application thoroughly by hand and make a thoughtful decision about your application. Please note that we generally reject applications which do not comply with our guidelines.

Which advantage does offer compared to similar portals?

Listing with is always free of charge. There are no overheads and no hidden charges.

What are the costs if I want to register a tour at

We do not charge tour operators for listing their tour(s). Listings on are completely free! No monthly advertising fees, no commission payments.

Why is free of charge?

There are big tour operator companies for whom fees or commission payments are no problem. But what about smaller/private tour operators who are sometimes located in far flung places and whose income is far from Western salaries? With we want to particularly offer these guides a platform to draw attention to their offers - free of charge.

What possibilities/functions are available on

  • You can add as many entries as you want.
  • You can change or expand your entry at any time.
  • The communication between you and the customer takes place via an internal email system directly by email
  • We will inform you once a month about your entry statistics, allowing you to precisely monitor your success.
  • Entries can also be added in German.
  • Through specific marketing operations, your advertisement obtains the highest positions in the key search engines.
  • Reliable support.
A listing on includes the following functions:
  • Seasonal tours can be temporarily deactivated.
  • Special Offers are separately listed under the category "Specials".
  • Entries can be accompanied by up to 10 pictures (JPG,GIF and PNG-format).
  • Single -and multiple day tours are marked with separate icons.
  • Every entry has a detailed page of its own to provide further information.
  • Information about the region provided by Google-Maps, detailed description about the tour route.
  • Information about the number of participants
  • Information about special requirements
  • Information about the dates
  • Information about the languages offered
  • Information about accommodation options
  • Prices
  • Optional information (specific features, restrictions etc.)

Add tour

What do I need to do to list my tour?

  1. First register here:
  2. Check your mailbox and confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the email. Please also check your spam folder.
  3. Log in to with your access data and complete your profile with further information - so that we can get a better overview of you/your company.
  4. After our review & activation you now have complete access to and can publish your tour offers!
  5. Click on the tab "Add tour". Follow the information in the form. List your tour comprehensively (at least 200 words) so that the visitors get all necessary information (including photos). The question marks behind the form fields will help you to fill in.
  6. Reply to inquiries if possible within 72 hours

What makes a good listing?

  • Provide details of the highlights:
  • Provide 3 key words describing your tour to create interest
  • Tour route on the map: Use the pins on the google maps map to enter the exact route of the tour.
  • Full description: Don't leave any information out. You want to make your tour attractive to the customers. Try to make it look interesting. Put yourself in their position and consider the information that you would want to know. Include as much information as possible and ensure that it is relevant to the tour(s). Give information about the local area, transport and sights.
  • Lots of photos: The more pictures, the better. Customers will be able to get a better impression of your tour(s) and are less likely to ask for more information which will save time and effort for you!

Why do I need to create a profile with personal/corporate data?

By creating a profile you give interested customers the opportunity to get to know you better.This saves the customer from having to ask for information about you, as it is already stored in your profile.

Do I have to be a licensed tour guide to list my tours on

No, you don't have to have a license to join is an international directory. Licenses are not necessary everywhere to act as a tour guide. We therefore do not want to exclude anyone. You must already have experience in guiding tours and be able to verify this! Either by a license or corresponding training/references. We check every incoming application manually according to our guidelines. Tour operators who have a license listed on their profile will be recognizable by this sign[icon]. Tour operators without a license are called "locals". Such entries get this sign[icon]

How do I upload photos ?

First log in, then click on "Your Tours", choose the tour you want to modify and click "edit" -> at the end of the form you will find "Upload Picture".

It is a requirement to add photos to your entries. This is also in your best interests, as listings with more photos generate more interest.

What if I can't enter the starting point of my tour on Google maps?

Contact us at if you have a problem finding a location on Google Maps and we will do all we can to help!

I have problems entering my tour. What can I do?

Contact us with problems via We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. With your approval we are happy to enter and edit the tour for you. You just need to provide us all the information and pictures.

Managing your entry

How do I modify a listing?

First log in, then click on "Your Tours", choose the tour you want to edit and click "edit". Please note that if you have multiple entries you will have to choose the specific tour you wish to modify.

What do I need to do to activate or deactivate my seasonal listing?

In order to temporarily deactivate your tour, Login and click "Your Tours" > choose the corresponding tour and click "activate/deactivate" Please note that if you have multiple entries you will have to choose the specific tour you wish to activate or deactivate. When you deactivate an entry, it is removed from all search results. Please be aware that any amendments may not be shown immediately and that the changes will only show when the page is reloaded.

To activate your tour again, log in and choose the corresponding tour and click on "activate".

How do I delete/ remove a listing?

Login and click "Your Tours" > choose the corresponding tour and click "delete" Please note that if you have multiple entries you will have to choose the specific entry you wish to delete.

How do I add an entry in a different language (German)?

Login and click "Your Tours" > choose the right tour and click "add language" It is possible to add tours in German and English. Please note that if you have multiple entries you will have to choose the specific entry you wish to modify

How do I get more visitors to view my listings?

Describe your tour(s) with as much detail as possible (tour area, tour route, price, pictures etc.).

Further important information can also be found here:

We recommend that you offer a discount on your tour. These special offers are listed separately under the section "Discounts" and are sent to newsletter subscribers. Alternatively, contact us if you would like to get help optimizing your listing.

Receiving inquiries

How can interested customers contact me?

In your tour offer there is the tab labeled "Inquiry". Via this contact form the customer can easily get in touch with you. This request will be sent to the email address you have provided.


What if I forget my password?

Please click here and follow the instructions.

How can I change my password if I want to?

Login and click "User Data" > now you can enter a new one in the field password -> save.

How do I contact

For general enquiries contact us here at We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Is on Facebook, Twitter, google+ or Linkedin?

Yes, become a fan on Facebook ( follow us on Twitter ( or google+ ( and contact us on Linkedin (

Reviews and Ratings

How do I get a rating / comment?

In order to make your listing more attractive, let customers rate and comment on your offers on This helps future visitors to better assess your offers and increases trust.

A customer posted a negative review. What can I do?

We need honest and open reviews or endorsements to make it work. Once posted, reviews cannot be removed. Do not be overly concerned about a negative review, as customers will take all of your reviews into account when deciding whether to make a booking. If you are given negative feedback, ensure that you learn from it, improve the experience successfully next time. Bear in mind that you need to make customers as welcome as possible and help make their trip memorable and enjoyable wherever possible. This way you will have nothing to worry about.