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Nach der erlebnisreichen Tour Ankunft am Traumstrand
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14 days



1.795,00 €

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Teamriding zum Tempel am Lake Bratan Vulkan Ijen am einsamen Traumstrand in Ost-Java gespenstisch - der Blick in den Krater des Vulkans Ijen Sonnenaufgang Am Bratan Tempel Zeremonie am Lake Bratan Trail im Regenwald der Insel Java Regenwaldabfahrt

Mountainbike adventure tour through the "Island of Gods" Bali and the exotic East-Java. The greatest adventures are the tours to the 2800 mtr. Ijen volcano. Ijen with the ghostly green glowing lake in his crater, the 35 km long downhill to the ocean and the following trip through the jungle to the lonely turtle beach.Profile-demand Level II

Pick up from Airport Denpasar. There will be enough time for a Welcome-Cocktail, the completion of the bikes and a short trip to the centre of Ubud, which is a nice artist-village where we will also have dinner.

On the first biking-day, we will take it slow and easy. So we will have a relatively flat day-tour through rice-terraces, traditional villages and with the crossing of a hanging-bridge over the gorge of the Ayung River, which is the largest river of Bali.
Our target for the refreshment after the tour won't be the Ayung river, but the pool of our Hotel in Ubud.
You can relax your legs upon a slow evening walk through the crazy city of Ubud.
- Distance: 34 km , alti-metre: 475 , Coating: asphalt except for the carry-distance into the canyon of approx.
300 m, Length: approx. 5 hrs.

Today you can satisfy your desire for adventures upon rafting through the canyon of the Ayung river and taking in the breathtaking nature. Afterwards we will complete the tour by bike. The evening will be spend once again in Ubud with its little shops and lots of "Warungs"* and its special atmosphere. If you want to gain a bit strength for the next day, it is recommended to order "smoked duck" or a "baby guling" in one of the Restaurants of Ubud.
- Distance: 28 km , alti-metre: 210 , Coating: asphalt , Rafting: 10 km, Length: approx. 6 hrs.

For the first time we will go up into the mountains. If you had followed the advice to eat smoked duck or baby guling you will have the opportunity to loose the added calories today...... The first kilometres will be relatively easy along the rice-terraces and cocos-plantations, one last glance into the canyon of the Ayung river and than we will follow the winding road through coffee-plantations and through deep woods up to the crater of the long
extinguished volcano. It will be a tour of 1200 alti-metres, but you needn't be afraid as a Mini-Bus will be our companion also today. We will spend the night in an lovely Bungalow-Village at the lake of the crater.
- Distance: 45 km , alti-metre: 1200 , Coating: asphalt, Length: approx. 6 hrs.

Today we will relax our bottom-muscles with a combined bike and hike-tour.
We will bike to the end of the Nature Reserve around the volcano and than hike through the rain-forest with its lianas and giant-trees. Time for recreation will be at an idyllic little lake where we hopefully will be able to prepare a smoked fish over the open fire. We can also observe the natives by their fishing and harpooning here. The end of the rain-forest is near and we will complete the tour by bike with marvellous views of the lakes and the ocean. This tour is changeable.
- Distance: 22/30 km , alti-metre: 100/400 , Coating: 15/23 km asphalt, 3 km forest-way, Hiking: 6 km
- Length: approx. 6 hrs.

A short and heavy climb at the "Monkey Forest" will bring us to the edge of the Caldera. A last glance to the glittering coastline of the Bali Sea in 1200m hight, and than a nearly 40 km long downhill to the north-coast of Bali through forests, nice villages among beautiful vegetation and rice-terraces. If there is enough time, we will also visit a waterfall.
The Mini-Bus will bring us to the Hotel where you will have time for a swim in the Hotelpool or in the Bali-Sea.
Depending on the condition of the participants, the tour is variable from 200 to 600 alti-metre.
- Distance: 45 km , alti-metre: 200 , Coating: asphalt , Length: approx. 6 hrs.

In the morning you may see the various multi-coloured fishes by diving or snorkeling, in the afternoon we will cross the ocean on a spectacular ferry towards Java! This is the only way to reach the starting point of our biggest adventure during this vacation!
-Distance: 35km, alti-metre: 200 , Coating: asphalt/ broken stone , Bustransfer of the island Java , Lenght: approx 8-10 hrs.

Only "devil-bikers" are able to make the climb on one day !....... The rest of you will be gathered by our Mini-Bus, which will also keep us company on Java.
54 km, 2234 alti-metre, you may even try to dig the cocos-palms out today!!
In the beginning pretty flat, going to be really steep later on, sugar-cane plantations, cocos-palms, jungle, solitary villages up to the peak!.............8 km downhill to the high-plain, covered by coffee-plantations and surrounded by volcanos. We have not reached our destination, the camp-ground of the crater, yet. There are still 10 km of climbing through coffee-plantations and wild nature. Now we finally reach the basis camp of the "Devils Mine"! The ones who are still able to can walk up the remaining 500 m to the edge of the smoking volcano, to admire a very special game of nature in the sunset of this beautiful day!
We will finish this day with a barbecue and a bon fire on the campground.
- Distance: 54 km, alti-metre: 2234, Coating: asphalt, Length: approx. 8 hrs.

Smoke on the ghostly green sunrise you get the impression to look into a giant cauldron of a witch's kitchen............
If you want to experience this view, you have to climb the 500 m to the edge of the crater one hour before sunrise either by bike or hiking! Once at the peak (2250m) you will have the incredible view to the near volcanos Merapi (2800m) and Raung (3322m), which we will enjoy before we will go downhill to reach our target for this day: the ocean!..........Nearly 35 km downhill through jungle, coffee-and cocos-plantations! A short stop at a nature-pool footing a waterfall in the middle of tropic surroundings.
When you are refreshed and have eaten enough to regain your strength we will visit the market in Banyu where you can deal with the natives. Afterwards we will stay for a last time in a hotel for the night.
- Distance: 35 km, alti-metre: -2250, Coating: 31 km asphalt, 2 km broken stone, 2 km plantation-way,
- Length: approx. 6 hrs.

Today we go by bus to the starting point of our long tour to the Turtle Beach and we will say "goodbye" or in Indonesian "sampai jumpa" to civilisation for the rest of our trip!
At the beginning we will have the opportunity to watch the natives produce coffee or cacao and later-on the production of Red Sugar out of cocos-juice.
Our target of the day will be a campground with the opportunity to shower under a waterfall.
There will only be 350 alti-metre and a distance of 10 km on a jungle-trail between start and finish of this daytour, the rest is asphalt and broken stone through plantations of coffee, cacao and indiarubber. On the peak of the tour we will enjoy the marvellous view back to the mountains of the Raung-Massif. In front of us we will face a very special downhill, passing lianas, ferns and jungle-giants. Shy black monkeys and screaming birds will be our companions on our way down to Turtle Beach. We will put our tents at a swimming bay of the Nationalparc. After sunset we will enjoy grilled fish and happiness at a bon fire.
- Distance: 45 km, alti-metre: 350 , Coating: 25 km asphalt, 10 km broken stone, 10 km jungle-trail.
- Length: 5-6 hrs., Bustour approx. 2 hrs.

A Jeep, good bikes and a very detailed map is absolutely essentiel to find the Turtle Beach on this adventurous tour.......however, we will have all that is needed and at the end of the jungle we will be rewarded with a kilometre-long beach for us only........terrific place to relax! Anyway, the way will be quite difficult with some streams as obstacles, kind of difficult coatings, challenging your bike-abilities. There are no bridges or they have already gone in the floods of the rain-season! But as we have grown to a strong team by now we will manage together through all kinds of trouble that might occur!
Naturally we will once again spend the night on a campground in the Nationalparc and enjoy grilled fish, this time with "nasi putih"*!
..........and the one who would like to observe the turtles laying their eggs into the sand has the opportunity this night!
- Distance: 25 km, alti-metre: 250, Coating: 2 km asphalt, 13 km plantation ways, 10 km terrible stone piste - Length: 4 -5 hrs.

12th Day: BACK TO BALI
The monkeys will observe our breakfast out of the trees: "Nasi Goreng" and typical coffee "Java arabica".
Afterwards we will see the approx. 150 little jung turtles go to the sea before we will start on our backtour.
Again we will have streams to cross, make 240 alti-metres of worst stone-piste, the other way today……….but we are pros by now and will manage! The promising views of the great swimming-bays which we will reach shortly will keep us going!
After the relaxing pause for a swim the bus will take us back to Bali. We arrive our hotel in Kuta/Seminyak around 8 pm.
- Distance: 10 km, alti-metre: 240, Coating: 3 km plantaion ways, 7 km worst stone piste,
- Length: 2-3 hrs, Bustransfer/ferry approx. 8 hrs.

13th Day: RELAX
After breakfast we can relax, go for shopping or we will pump up our arm- and shoulder-muscles by surfing the waves. You can't surf? Well………..time to learn!......... Or better just watch the professionals doing it........
You will find lots of possibilities to spend the rest of your last day!

In the morning lots of time to relax and pack, than Bustransfer to Airport Denpasar.
You may even find time to purchase some last souvenirs.

Total kilometres: 342 - 402
Total alti-metres: 5255 - 5455
Length of the tour does not necessarily correspond to time in the saddle!
Suitable for Mountain-bikers
Profile-demand Level II, the 8th day in Level III

DATES 2012:
arrival 25. 03. - 07. 04. 2012 or prolongation
arrival 08. 04. - 21. 04. 2012 or prolongation
arrival 22. 04. - 05. 05. 2012 or prolongation
arrival 06. 05. - 19. 05. 2012 or prolongation
arrival 20. 05. - 02. 06. 2012 or prolongation
arrival 03. 06. - 16. 06. 2012 or prolongation *
arrival 15. 07. - 28. 07. 2012 or prolongation *
arrival 05. 08. - 18. 08. 2012 or prolongation *
arrival 02. 09. - 15. 09. 2012 or prolongation *
arrival 07. 10. - 20. 10. 2012 or prolongation
arrival 21. 10. - 03. 11. 2012 or prolongation
arrival 04. 11. - 17. 11. 2012 or prolongation
*high season

Prolongations possible in all the categories. Please ask.
Special offer 2009: One week extension in Hotel Bali Agung Village (6B/B) 120,00 /* 170,00 / ** 200,00 EURO
*high season 01.07. - 31.08.
**peak season 25.12.- 06.01.

Bringing of the own bikes is recommended. Also you can rent bikes at the price of 80,- €, 120,- USD for the complete tour

Price from Airport Denpasar/ Bali: 1.635,- €, 2345,- USD, high season 1.695,-€, 2445,- USD
Price flight incl. from Frankfurt/München: 2.535,- €
* Price flight incl. from Frankfurt/München: 2.695,- €

There will be always extended options in all price ranges, we can help you find the perfect hotels, please ask.

*Warung = simple Restaurant
*nasi putih= white boiled rice

All the tours can be altered according the condition of the group, there will always be an escorting bus. Who will not be able to spend all the days in the saddle is welcome to take one relaxing day in the bus and enjoy the tour with the friendly native driver - that might be a nice experience as well!

Services included:
Pick up from Airport Denpasar
All transfers in Minibus with aircondition
Transport of the Bikes
10 B/B in in middle-class till upper-class Hotels of European standard
3 nights on campgrounds in doubletents/matrresses/sleeping bags
3 barbecues
Entrance in the Nationalparcs
Transfer to Airport Denpasar
all Tours will be performed with a native guide and a english speaking bike guide For additional meals (9x dinner and snacks) there will be extra costs of approx. 60-80 €.

Werner Duderstadt


Abfahrten durch atemberaubende Regenwälder, leichte Trails durch märchenhafte Reisterrassen, farbenfrohe Hinduzeremonien in einer fantastischen Landschaft ...., Erlebnisse, die für ewig bleiben!

Diese Idee "COCOSTRAVEL" kam mir 2001 bei einem superlangen Downhill von einem mächtigen Vulkan auf der Insel Java. Damals war ich bereits zum zweiten Mal für längere Zeit zum Biken mit dem Fahrrad auf den Inseln Bali und Java, aber Cocostravel war nur ein Traum. Dann folgten im Jahr 2002 wieder zwei längere Aufenthalte um die Touren mit dem Bike perfekt zu machen. Zur Seite standen mir Heriyanto mit seinen Freunden auf der schönen Insel Java, Wayan von der " Bali Cycle Federation" zum Radeln auf der geheimnisvollen Insel Bali. Ariani war und ist für die organisatorischen Dinge auf Bali zuständig. Mardi und Wayan begleiten uns mit den Fahrzeugen und sorgen für das leibliche Wohl in den Camps. Das Ergebnis sind nun 7 verschiedene Bike-Touren (8/9/11/14 und 17 Tage), von leicht bis mittelschwer und 7 verschiedene Tages-/Mehrtagestouren (Trekking, Radeln, Schnorcheln), die auf Euch warten. Wer jetzt denkt, das Klima auf diesen Inseln ist zum Radfahren zu heiß, der irrt, denn wir bewegen uns immer in einer gewissen Höhe und oft kommen wir nur abends an den Ozean.


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day 1-6: Arrival at Bali. Discover the island by biking and hiking.
day 7-11: Explore exciting Java!
day 12-14: Back at Bali, you will have some time left for activities of your choice.


10 B/B in in middle-class till upper-class Hotels of European standard
3 nights on campgrounds in doubletents/matresses/sleeping bags, all the equipment from us.


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